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Geek Parenting

Aug 3, 2018

In this episode, join James, Doctor Sarah, Tui and Johnny as they talk about Shazam, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, San Diego Comic Con, Infinity War, and more geeky things. Also, stay tuned for a conversation on the topic of Free-Range Parenting vs Helicopter Parenting.

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Jun 23, 2018

Tui, James, and Doctor Sarah get together to discuss what's been happening in their lives, joining the brand new Hello Sweetie Podcast Network, Sarah's trip to Denver Comic Con, and Salt Lake Gaming Con! The crew also answers a question from one of our listeners! 

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Apr 23, 2018

Join Dr. Sarah, James, and Johnny as the catch up on life, and talk about their predictions for Avengers: Infinity War.

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Apr 12, 2018

Johnny, Doctor Sarah, and James get together to talk about what has been new with them and plans for Geek Parenting Field Trips!! 

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Mar 16, 2018

Join Dr. Sarah, Amber, Johnny, and James as they catch up after a few weeks of personal life insanity! They talk all things Dude Bro, Disneyland, and more!