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Geek Parenting

Oct 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!! Join Dr. Sarah, Johnny and James as they discuss how they introduced their kids to the horror genre. Was it the hundreds of Simpsons Halloween Specials? Was it Stranger Things? Was it Tales from the Crypt? Tune in and find out. Follow Us:

Oct 23, 2017

Join Amber, Johnny, James, and Tui (Dr. Sarah was sick) as they discuss their most favorite holiday of the year, Halloween!! In this week's Geeky Weeky, the gang talks about upcoming tv shows, netflix shows, Halloween Specials etc. Join our Facebook Discussion Group to make your voices heard and be part of the...

Oct 16, 2017

***Disclaimer- This episode is NSFW. So put the kids to bed, plug in those headphones, and enjoy.*** Join Tui, Dr. Sarah, James and Amber as they discuss some BS that happening in Dr. Sarah's life. After listening to this episode, make sure you join our Facebook Discussion Group to take part in the conversation. Rate...

Oct 9, 2017

Join Dr. Sarah, Tui, James and our new co-host, Amber Dahl as they discuss how to talk to kids about tragedies. Don't worry, Johnny of On the Boards is still with us, he just couldn't make it for this recording. In this week's GeekY Weeky, the crew talks about some news from New York Comic Con. Don't forget to rate and...

Oct 2, 2017

Join Johnny, Tui, and Doctor Sarah as they have a little Q&A session with special guest, all the way from Colorado, JAMES' MOM!!! Hear what fandoms James grew up on, some embarrassing stories, what she thought of her first Comic Con, and more!! Follow Us: