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Geek Parenting

Aug 29, 2017

***Disclaimer: This is our August NSFW episode. Put the kids to bed, plug in those headphones and brace yourselves for some swears.*** Join Sarah, Tui, Johnny, James, and special guests Candace Tarkeshian & Mitch O'Dell as they discuss the first week of school. Catch up with some geek news with this week's Geeky Weeky....

Aug 21, 2017

Join Tui, Johnny, and James as they talk about some incidents that put the fear of Thanos in their hearts. Johnny and James bring you the news in this week's Marvel heavy Geeky Weeky. What do you are some things that your kids have done to bring out some of those fears? Follow Us:...

Aug 14, 2017

Join Johnny and James as they talk with Dr. Sarah's mom, Sue, about Dr. Sarah's childhood and geekiness. Dr. Sarah, James, and Johnny also talk about some news in this week's Geeky Weeky!! Follow Us:

Aug 7, 2017

Join Dr. Sarah, Johnny, and James as they discuss different parenting styles. Is one better than the other? Let us know what you think! Tui, James, and Johnny bring you this week's Geeky Weeky. Hear what is in the news this week!!