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Geek Parenting

Jun 25, 2017

Join Johnny, Sarah, and James as they discuss what happened since last recording. They discuss The Utah Arts Festival, James talks about The Rick Mobile and about his recent stay at The Grand America Hotel in SLC, and they talk about their Salt Lake Gaming Con panel schedules. Are you planning on attending Gaming...

Jun 18, 2017

Join Johnny, Sarah, Tui, and James as they discuss fandoms that they might not be into but they power through for the kids. Also, Tui shares his thoughts about Wonder Woman. Tell us what fandoms you power through for your kids on our Facebook page! Follow Us:

Jun 11, 2017

ONE WHOLE YEAR!! Join Dr. Sarah, James and Johnny as they discuss the origins of Geek Parenting Podcast. Find out whatâ??s been going over the last year that listeners might not know, and find out somethings that the panelists want for the future of Geek Parenting Podcast. Follow Us:...

Jun 4, 2017

***Disclaimer: This Episode contains spoilers for Wonder Woman!! Listen only if you donâ??t care about the spoilers or if youâ??ve already seen the movie!!*** What the what? Two movie review episodes in two weeks! This is madness!! Join Dr. Sarah, James and Johnny as they discuss Wonder Woman. Hear what they loved...