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Geek Parenting

Sep 25, 2016

Join Dr Sarah, James, Johnny, Tui, and special guest Bryan Young as they discuss their experiences with bullying. As you listen, think of ways that you can help end bullying in schools that you are involved with. Follow Us: Contact...

Sep 19, 2016

You hear it at the end of every episode, "Here's some money. Go see a Star War." This week we have special guest Bryan Young (Full of Sith, Fauxthentic History, joining us to talk Star Wars and more importantly, how to introduce your kids to Star Wars. Join Tui, Dr. Sarah, Slappy, James and Bryan as they...

Sep 11, 2016

Join Dr Sarah, Tui, and James (and sometimes Slappy) as they recap their time at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 with Special Guest Bryan Young of, Fauxthentic History, and Full of Sith fame. Follow us: Read Bryan's work on...

Sep 5, 2016

Join Dr. Sarah and James as they discuss Strong Willed Kids in the Safe For Work Therapy Episode. Hear what makes up strong willed kids, and learn some parent self care tips. Tui and Slappy will be back next week.